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At Zakkencentrale, we strive to satisfy the customer. We want to deliver good products and service to meet all your wishes and needs. But besides the customer, we also think the environment is quite important. In all our decisions, we make sure to keep sustainability in mind. We strive to use as many opportunities as possible to contribute to a better environment and better wellbeing for our future employees. This creates a win-win situation for Zakkencentrale, our customers and the environment. Our organization is characterized by a strong social commitment and an innovative vision.


We are working hard to keep Zakkencentrale up-to-date on all recent developments in the field of sustainability and the environment. We strive to improve the quality of our products in such a way that we can see a reduction in the use of fossil fuels. We are working daily on innovation and improvements in the production of our packaging to reduce our carbon footprint.


Finally, we want to implement all environmental improvements to our offices. We want to achieve this by being more careful with heating, cooling and water consumption. But we’re also figuring out if it’s possible to work more digitally, for example. This means less paper is used and less waste is created. The waste that cannot be avoided is recycled as much as possible.


Except within our own organization, many of our products are produced in low-wage countries. To safeguard the environment here as well, we work together with a select number of suppliers who are all concerned with a great social responsibility, commitment and care for the environment. During our audits, the wellbeing of staff and working conditions also play an important role. We value great importance to long-term collaborations with suppliers, employees and customers.


Of course, sustainability does not have to be at the expense of our expertise. Many organizations see sustainability as a burden, but we see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to further develop the company and to break through with new innovations. The production of packaging with less raw materials and fuels and also to work more energy-efficient are our goals, but at the same time with the same quality we’re known for.


The most ideal situation is that not only we, but also other organizations will invest more in sustainability. We therefore carefully choose our transporters. Namely the transporters who are consciously engaged in limiting the CO2 emissions during transport. This includes improving the trucks so that they drive more efficiently and emit fewer harmful substances. All kinds of measures to relieve the environment.


Besides good working conditions of the staff being important to us, we also value the Good Manufacturing Practice of our products. This means that during the production processes, it is carefully being recorded and checked which raw materials and fuels are used and how they have been tested.
The GMP also states that employees are well-trained and qualified for the work they’re performing. Furthermore, the production conditions must be designed and controlled in such a way that the environment is burdened as little as possible during the entire production and logistics process.