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At Zakkencentrale, we can supply 4 Loops FIBCS (flexible intermediate bulk containers) of high quality and customized to your wishes and needs. There are my possibilities with 4-Loops FIBCs, depending on your specifications, we can supply bags that match your goods and means of transportation

Different types of 4 Loops FIBCs

The 4 Loops FIBCs that we supply the most to our customers are:

  • The standard version
  • Form-stable (Q-bag)
  • Conductive
  • With liner (pillow, bottleneck-shaper, Q-liner, etc.)
  • Double walled (Cangaroo)
Specific adjustments

Depending on the type you choose, there are a number of specifications that you can choose from. For example, coated or uncoated, standard of dust-tight seams (1-, 2- or 3-fold seam sealing) and breathable.

Top side

There are several possibilities for the top of the 4-points FIBCs. You can choose from an open, filling valve, apron or flap. Depending on what you transport, we can discuss with you which type suits your goods best.

Bottom side

Again, several combinations are possible. At the bottom you can choose between flat, unloading valve, iris closure, petal closure and star-closure.


Depending on the way of moving and transporting the bags, you can choose between standard, cross-corner, tunnel and stevedoring sling for the loops.

Test certificates

Our products meet all legal requirements and standards (eg EFIBCA, UN). Our bags are produced with certificates such as: ISO, BRC, AIB and HACCP.

  • ISO
  • BRC
  • AIB