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25 & 50 kilogram bags

You can also choose for Zakkencentrale if you need to store goods in bags of 25 to 50 kilograms. We supply polypropylene, jute, cotton or mixed tissue bags for the sugar, flour, fertilizer and animal feed industry. These bags are very versatile and there are many possibilities. Depending on the goods you want to transport and the means of transportation, we can work out which type of bag would fit your goods best.
Zakkencentrale can create your ideal bags, for example with high quality UV-resistance or, if desired, with a UN-certificate.


Printing bags


Our 25 to 50 kilograms can be printed as desired. In our factory in Maldegem (Belgium), we have a printing capacity of 450,00 bags per day. This high production rate ensures that we can deliver bags on short term, according to your wishes, whenever you need them. The average stock of bags for prompt delivery lays between 50 and 60 million bags.

Different types of bags
    • Polypropylene woven bags (PP) with or without inner bag (PE)

      This type is commonly used in the industry and is known for its durability and high quality. It is mainly used for granular materials; to completely protect them from rain, dust and moisture.


    • Open mouth Bag

      A classis packaging method. Easy to fill and to close manually. The type is widely used for the transportation of products such as vegetables and animal feeds.


    • Gusset Bag

      Gusset bags can stand vertically because of their construction. As a result, these bag scan easily be stored in several ways. If positioned in a rack, you can see the print clearly.


  • AD-Star

    AD-Star bags are available in several models. This type of bag is much stronger than a bag made out of paper and rips much less quickly than, for example, a sewn woven bag. AD-Star bags can for example be used for cement.