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1 and 2 loop big bags (fibc’s)

Big Bags or FIBC stands for flexible intermediate bulk container, also known as bulk bag or big bag. Bags that can be used for transporting large quantities. At Zakkencentrale you can choose 1- and 2-points bags, among other things. The difference is in the way of filling and storing the bags. The bags are filled and transported on one or two loops. The FIBCs from Zakkencentrale are very versatile and can be used in many ways. With this, optimal logistics can be realized.
Filling the bags
The FIBCs from Zakkencentrale can be filled easily, quickly and efficiently, up to the filling line. 1 or 2 employees can fill up to 100 tons per hour. Then a truck with the right attachment will be able to move 6 1-point bags at once. Emptying the bags is as easy as filling them, it’s also possible to empty the bags partially. All this can be done in a safe and dust-free environment.
Transporting the bags
The 1- and 2-points FIBCs are very flexible. They can be transported by sea, rail or road. The bags can be effectively loaded, unloaded and stacked while they take in as little space as possible. A good use of space lowers the transportation costs of course. The FIBCs can be stacked in several layers on top of each other, this way they also take up as little space as possible in high storage areas. The bags are also UV-resistant for when the storage is placed outdoors.
Due to the high quality of the bags, the containers no longer have to be cleaned after a transport.
Strict quality requirements
Our Portabulk specifications are tested by an independent agency and meet the strict EFIBCA and BS6328 standards. All our FIBCs meet the ISO 9001:2008 quality requirements. All UN-bags are manufactured and tested according to ADR and RID standards.